Thursday, January 26, 2012

valentine's day

i'm going to have THE WORST valentine's day in the history of man. i'm going to have my wisdom teeth pulled!! i mean COME ON!!!

anyway, i just felt like complaining. actually, this post is a question for you guys. maybe you could do a blog post on your blog and send the link to me. here's the question:

is it better to miss someone or have no one to miss?

the reason i ask this, is because i was having an argument with my sister about valentine's day. she has a boyfriend, but he lives far away, and she was saying it was awful for her, because she missed him soo much. well, i get that, but my argument is: at least she has someone to miss!! i don't have anyone to miss... 

anyway, let me know what you think. i can't wait to read your answers!!! 


{p.s. sorry i haven't blogged in a while!! i've been quite busy, i'm taking ice-skating
lessons now!! anywho, more on that later. get busy blogging!! (: }

1 comment:

  1. Definitely better to have someone to miss! And wow you're taking ice skating lessons?! I wish they had that kind of thing in Ireland!


Thank you for adding music to my day! (: