Friday, January 6, 2012

I just had a greeeat time!

I just jammed with my three hot cousins!! Two played guitar and one played drums.... and I sung! It was interesting cuz I've never sung for my fam before; they didn't even know I sing! Finally I feel like they've accepted me. I knew they loved me, but everyones soo talented in something, and they always saw me as the boring chick that doesn't have any talent or hobbies.. and now they know I'm into music I guess they just see that I'm human now... you guys, my lovely readers, know me better than them! That's pathetic..

Idk. That was a lame post but its all I can think of saying right now (;

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  1. Ok, so I need your cuzins. Period. May I borrow them? And that's totally awesome, I hope that you and I, the aspiring singers, should meet our goals someday and record a duet....
    You write your own songs right? Cause I'd love to read or hear them if your willing,
    Evil twin sista,
    Ellie <3<3

  2. Heya evil twin (;

    Nope, they're Alllll mine, sorry!! xP..yeeeees we tooootally should! yes, I write music, do u?... You have my email, email me and ill send u some of my music...


Thank you for adding music to my day! (: