Friday, January 20, 2012

i really am in a love-quote mood!!

I wrote my own quotes!! Yay!! idk. I just felt like it.

"If you need me to be strong, I will.
 If you need me to work hard, I will. 
 If you need me to do something I dislike, I will.
 But if you need me to be something I'm not, I WON'T."
–Hannah K.

"I'll be strong,
 I'll break down.
 I'll be crazy,
 I'll be quiet.
 I'll be rough,
 I'll be classy.
 I'll be a southern belle,
 I'll be an English princess.
 But don't expect me to be anyone I'm not."
–Hannah K.

"Love is something worth fighting for. Worth crossing oceans, defeating armies. Worth dying for. And we all agree it is; say we would do all that for the ones we love. But how can he have the courage to do all that, and not have the courage to tell them?"
–Hannah K.

Don't steal that one. I'm going to put it in a song.

And here's another, but it's too choppy. I need to smooth it out....

"'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Yah right. That's not true. Words darn well CAN hurt. Break you even. They can rip you apart, pull you together, and drag you down again. And, most people realize that. But, in my opinion, the only thing worse than hurtful words is silence. Because when something tears you down, breaks you apart, shreds you to pieces, you can always pull yourself together and get back up again. But silence keeps you forever on the floor braced for a shot that seems inevitable. But never comes."
–Hannah K.

I wanna turn that into a song also. And speaking of songs, I'll wrap this up with this little note:

'My music isn't written for or even to others! No, no. Writing music is my way of convincing myself of something I knew all along."
–Hannah K.

NOW: goodnight for real (: muahh<3

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  1. My favorite is the bottom. It's really motivational, and true. But they are all ones I'd quote. You're good at quote writing!
    ellie <3


Thank you for adding music to my day! (: