Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hmm so I don't have anything concrete to talk about today, so i'll just ramble on..

I'm excited!!! I have THREE followers!! That sounds lame I know... :/ But I have decided: no begging friends to follow me. I will get followers just because people love my blog. And THAT is final.

I'm reading the Nancy Drew Mysteries! I've never read them before, and since I loove old books, I figured I'd read them.. I'm liking them so far! They're not over blown and cliche like most mysteries nowadays..

I just had an idea for a cool blog post. I'll do that tomorrow!! or maybe today.. YOU'LL just have to wait and see!!!

Ohhh I found an awesome blog!! Check it out: Escape To Vanilla ... And follow her!! She's trying to get 20 followers in like 2? months... And also she's awesome (:

I think my two biggest fears (and this may sound lame) are losing my sister and falling out of love with Narnia... I'm going through a phase where I'm just not as obsessed and it's freaking me out!! That sounds reeeeally pathetic. It's just CoN helps me soo muchh, and I don't EVER wanna "grow out of it".. :/

I have a PINTEREST!! YAYA!! It's an awesomeeee website!! Click the below button to check my pinterest out:

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