Saturday, January 28, 2012

ronan parke - CHECK THIS OUT

omw you HAVE to check this kid out, and watch it all the way through, the end's the best part!! - 

and if the audio isn't good enough to hear his singing (although you've GOT to see what he does at the end, so watch that above), here is one where you can hear his incredible voice - 

he has stolen my heart!!!!!

Ronan Parke is really an inspiration to me!! i love how he's sooo sweet and innocent, he's kept that, and yet so mature and talented!! and he's beaten sooo many odds! he didn't always have this amazing voice, he worked HARD to get to where he is!!

and he's absolutely adorable. 

(btw, he got second place on Britain's Got Talent...
... and he has an album out entitled Ronan Parke. It's suuper good, you should get it!!)


  1. Omigosh he's amazing!!!!!!! And he's really cute ;)

  2. Awww okay, I admit, I teared up a little :P


Thank you for adding music to my day! (: