Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Currently... (:

I have been blogging on my phone, and for some reason, it won't post here!! That's why I haven't posted in a while! 0_0

Currently: I am considering selling my horse ):... I don't want to, but we can't afford her );

Isn't she gooooorgeous xD

Currently: I am sooo lovingg Taylor Swift! She's sooo classy... There's this vid of her on Youtube where her skirt flips up in the middle of a concert. But she just gracefully pulled it back down and didn't miss a step (or a note!).. She acted as if nothing happened!!!! I envy her poise.. If that was me, I probably would've turned suuuper red and said something stupid...

Echhh Taylor! That's quite a wardrobe malfunction! And nice granny panties, 
although I'm sure it's just cuz you ran out of sexy ones (;

Currently: I am cravingggg Starbucks! (:

yummm (;

Currently: I am wondering which is better: iPhone or Android.. I have an Android, and I've always liked it better (even though I'm an AVID mac/apple fan!!!).. But now I'm getting IRRITATED with the Android... What do you guys think, my lovelies??

haha I like this pic

Currently: I'm getting irritated with my Grandma getting irritated with computers and technology!!! Just because you're not interested in technology doesn't mean we can't be!!!

Currently: I want to have a nice, long talk with Will over tea and scones!! Mmmmmmm....

mmmm (:

Currently: I feel like dressing up Audrey Hepburn... She's soo classy and beautiful.. Most people love her for her role in My Fair Lady, and I love that movie and her role in it also, but my favorite movie she's made (that I've seen so far anyway) has to be Roman Holiday

loove the hair xD

Currently: I am watching a Bing Cosby and Fred Astaire movie - Holiday Inn... I loove retro movies :)

Currently: I edited a pic of Emma Watson and made her even prettier!! I gave her emerald eyes and red/chestnut hair.. I did it so I'd have a visual for one of the characters in a book I'm writing. The character's name is Ariana Starr. What do you think of my editing? I included before and after..



Muahhh<3.. Hope you have a greeeeat day!! (:

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