Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Decision

Hullo lovely bloggers!

I have made a decision!! I am going to get my health under control. Guess what I've eaten today: part of a sandwhich. Yah. That's it. Excercise? none. Sleep? about 6 hours. I'm killing myself!! No wonder I have so many health problems!!

How did I come about deciding to do this? Well, I was youtubing "coconut hair treatments" and found this girl, Sarah Mae, who is doing a diet called The Earth Diet. It is completely just food that comes from the earth, no processed food or anything! She inspired me with how great she looked, clear skin, in shape, and happy and healthy! So I'm going to give it a go... And I'm going to blog a bit about what I do everyday so I'll be inspired to keep doing it by you guys (: ...

Don't worry I'll still have my normal blog posts, this will just be a side thing that I am determined to do.

Anorexia and laziness DO NOT have to control my life!!!!!

Here is Sarah Mae's blog, if anyone wants to do the month by month challenge she did, with me... `

So starting tomorrow, I am going to eat nothing but food God made for me, unless I have to be polite and eat someone else's food.

Thanks for reading this, and if you don't mind, I like your help to hold me to it!! If I don't post something about it for a while, kick my butt, alright? (:


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