Tuesday, January 17, 2012

celebs i look like

note: i added pix of myself to the bottom. check!

well, that was fun posting celeb look alikes, so i figured i'd post some pix of celebs that either i think look like me or others think look like me. or both.

Kristen Stewart

Lucy Hale.
I don't think so, but 2 people have told me I look like her.
That's awesome, cuz she's GORGEOUS!!!!!!
Georgie Henley. I rarely look like her, but once in a while...
Shailene Woodsley. Not so much here.. It's more expressions with her.

Mary McDonough

Emma Watson. I don't think so, but others tell me so
Lindsay Lohan. I get this a lot, because, well,
 I look like her, but mainly because we
have all the same expressions..

Miley Cyrus at 15. Not really our features, but we have the same
hair and face shape. but now do I look like her?
NOT AT ALL. (whew)

and a couple pix of me: 

do you think I look like any of them??

remember, i don't neccessarily look like them in my face, sometimes it's my expressions and stuff. so yah.

bye! lol

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  1. You must be drop dead gorgeous if you look like all of these girls! Man, I'd kill to look like Emma Watson (ok not kill, but you know what I mean ;)
    ellie <3


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