who's this Will guy?

Warning: there may be a bit of "fan girling" here ;)....

Well, if you are wondering who "Will" is, he actually is a celebrity :( His full name is William Moseley, and he is a British actor.
Here he is:

He is best known for his role as Peter Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia.

I love his style of acting, talent, adorable face of course, but I also love his personality. If you watch interviews by him, you will see his bubbly personality shine through. He's funny, sweet, affectionate, silly, animated, and a prankster. Idk, I guess he's really just...my type.

smile that beautiful smile and all the girls on the front row, scream your name!!!!!! <3

I also love the way he treats his alleged girlfriend, Anna Popplewell. Now, I really believe they are together or at least were at one point. The way they look at each other, hug, and the things say, or no what they don't say, all point to one thing–love! At least puppy love. And he is very sweet to her! (why, oh, WHY wasn't I born Anna Popplewell?? IT'S NOT FAAAAAAAAAAAIR!!!!!! *wails*... She's gorgeous, has the BEST role in CoN, and she's got WILL!!! *pout* :P)

I appreciate how he gives hugs and kisses to everyone! Most guys are afraid to do this; they think it will take away from their masculinity. But what they don't realize is it doesn't, in a way it adds to it, and girls LOOOVE it!!!! :

I'd kill to be Georgie here -_-

And well, it also helps my love for him along that he plays in the best movies ever, and is such an amazing, strong, courageous character!!! And who doesn't love a hero? (although I hate how they protray him at the beginning of Prince Caspian.. That's not in the books!) 

I don't even care that he's much older than me... So don't tell me that! 

Age truly is just a number :)

Well, thanks for wasting a few minutes of your life to listen to me gush about a random celebrity I may never meet!!!!!!


  1. I giggled when I read the beiliber part:) they scare me. And I'm so glad your not afraid to love will, even though the odds are SOO low of you ever meeting him.. Cause when you want something, I think you should believe in it, and work for it, no?

  2. Awww thank u! Ur comment made my day :)... I base my life around that concept! Like my career choice, odds are suuper low of me making it in the music industry, I'm gonna try with all my might just the same :)


Thank you for adding music to my day! (: