Tuesday, January 3, 2012

fifteen before fifteen

i got this idea from Jocee's blog.
 it is a list of 15 things i want to do before i am 15... so, without further ado, *in announcer voice* heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's the list!!

  1. write melodies to all the songs I've written
  2. perfect my english accent
  3. finish my fanfic "worldwide" (go to this page to go to a link to my fanfiction profile)
  4. write the first draft to my novel
  5. sell everything i need to sell (i'm selling breyers, toys, old comforters, clothes, etc)
  6. have a proper tea party (idk who with though, i don't have any friends that enjoy that.. i suppose just with myself) and speak in an english accent the whole time (obviously complete #2 first)
  7. get at least 20 followers on this blog (even if i have to bribe my friends and family xP)
  8. perfect doing retro eyeliner
  9. learn yoga
  10. stop annoying my sister
  11. learn to cry on command 
  12. cook a whole meal without messing anything up
  13. color my hair red (again... it used to be red, but it faded to a light brown)
  14. get in shape and gain weight
  15. do everything on this list (sorry, couldn't resist)

i wonder if I'll do all this... i certainly hope/plan too!! xD

and what's a post without a picture?

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  1. LOVE this list! Maybe I will do one for my birthday.. Though I only have a month, eek! When is your birthday? You should blog about each of the things as you complete them. :) Great photo of Taylor too. And you write novels? How cool! My best friend is just finishing typing up her first novel, and has started on her second. She has about 5 books planned out in her head.


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