Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 people I wouldn't mind marrying

Wow, Idk where I came up with the idea for this post, but I like it, and it's gonna be a tagging post!!! Make your own "people I wouldn't mind marrying" post and credit and link it back to me. Have fun!

And here's mine:

William Moseley duh

sosososososo HOT!!!! *pass our*

Sean Berdy

Justin Bieber

(don't hurt me!! i know, i know, but I'm a belieber. i have been for years,
even longer than i've loved will...)
Channing Tatum

Nick Roux

Ryan Kwanten

Ed Speleers

Chad Michael Murray

Jonathon Crombie

Yep, Gilbert off of Anne of Green Gables..

Chris Zylka

I just realized i think I might have a thing for blondes... Almost all these guys are blonde, cept for Jonathon, Sean, and Nick... hmmm....

Anyways, that was fun (:

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