Friday, January 13, 2012

my kids...

don't worry, no freaking out, i'm not pregnant or anything (;.. 

last night, I couldn't sleep (I'm sick: fever, headache, etc), so i layed awake and planned out my kids (:... I had already picked out names, just for fun, but I figured I'd figure out their age differences and appearances and personalities, considering Will Moseley as father (don't puke, I'm not that obsessed, I had to have some sort of a father, and will is veryy close to the type of father i want them to have, so bear with me).. and since I always do, I figured I'd share my conclusions with you (;

I have to pick a time period for them all, so I can have pictures and illustrate the age differences, so I added what age they are (in the picture), corresponding with the rest of the kids. Does that make sense?

btw the pix may not fit the descriptions perfectly.

Austin William Moseley

(yes, that's all Ed Speleers..)

Age: 18

Appearance: slightly wavy dark blonde hair with hazel eyes, well built, robust, light to medium skin, WIll's face shape, smile, and chin, and my eyes and nose (I'll include pictures of both Will and I for convenience). pretty boy. artistic air.

Personality: quiet, non-talkative, a bit solemn (gets that from my dad), deep thinker (me and my daddy), very sweet and affectionate, quietly charasmatic, a charmer (gets that from Will). he can charm or talk you into anything. loves phonetics (me)

Ariana Selena Moseley 

(yes, that's Amanda Seyfried.. I couldn't find anyone else who look like how I want Ariana to)

Age: 16 (but she looks older, like me)

Appearance: wavy blonde hair, big blue eyes, my eye shape, her father's full lips, my face shape and some of my chin, my nose, tall and skinny, fair skin with yellow undertones

Personality: not talkative, nor quiet, in between (some of that from me, although I can be talkative). very gracious, poised, and charming (gets that from Will), quietly stubborn (will), a good girl, very sensible (not really from me or Will, from my Grandma and dad), deep thinker (me again), popular (my mum), and puts a strong emphasize on speaking, walking, and doing everything correctly (me), and kinda lives in a dreamworld (me), a true Narniac (both Will and I)...

Savannah Georgie Moseley

(that's Bella Thorne)
(yes, that's Lindsay Lohan..)

(and so is that)

Age: 14 (but also looks older)

Appearance: wavy auburn hair, brown/hazel eyes, my eye shape and lashes, my smile, mixture of my and his face shape, a bit of my chin, but not as bad. looks like me (:

Personality: crazy, talkative, daredevil (some from me, but mainly from Will), daddy's girl (me), TOMBOY (I used to be), sarcastic, blunt (mainly me), honest, but can be a brat (me), funny (Will and my mum), loudly stubborn, opinionated and argumentative (will and I, but mainly me because she's loudly stubborn like I am), wants to do stuntwork like her dad, dramatic (Will), flirt (will and I)

Taylor Christiana Anne Moseley

(yes, I know that's Taylor Swift. but as a little girl, she's pretty close to how i imagine my Taylor.
And no, that's not why I named her Taylor. I just love that name)

Age: 11

Appearance: curly blonde hair, blue eyes with long lashes, soft features, my nose, his eyes, my face shape, his chin, my smile, skinny

Personality: not quiet, but chill. nothing bothers her (me). sweet, girly, and a bit spoiled (me). a mama's girl, wants to be a make up artist like her Aunty Elisa, who she has the same middle name as, funny, cute, loves to dress up like a pin up girl (ME). Loves Anne of Green Gables and wishes she was born in a differenct time period: either the '40's and '50's or 1800's or medieval times (me). has her brother's heart. wants to be a singer like her mummy (: dramatic (Will)

Hannah Mikala Moseley (me, obviously)

Age: early 30's?

Appearance: curly light brown/red hair, round brown eyes, long lashes, long face shape, jutting-out chin, stereotypical smile, skinny and tall, light skin with pinky undertones

Personality: can be a bit crazy when I'm hyper, but mainly semi-quiet, deep thinker, kinda weird and random, wishes I lived in a different time period (like Taylor), into vintage stuff, sarcastic, stubborn, fashionista, into doing everything proper, obsessed with phonetics and music, photographic memory, wants to be known as classy, opinionated.

William Peter Moseley

Age: late 30's, early 40's

Appearance: straight blonde hair, trapezoid-shaped blue eyes, square shaped face, strong jaw-line, full lips, robust and athletic build, light/medium skin with yellow undertones, cheesy smile

Personality (what I know of it): crazy, funny, outgoing, charming, opinionated, semi-quietly stubborn, sarcastic, dramatic, caring, sweet, affectionate, lady's man, loves kids.


  1. What a cool idea for a blog post! I will admit to dreaming about my future kids quite a lot too... :)

    LOVED your comment on my blog, you are so cool! :)
    1. Taylor Swift is simply amazing. Such an inspiration!
    2. Taylor is a great name! I'm obsessed with names, so my guitar just had to be named.
    3. I love writing music. :) What kind of things do you write?
    4. Ahhh yes, reading. :) One of my favourite ways to spend a rainy day like today.
    5. Hahaha really? It's really not that great! I wrote a blog post about the highlights of it, but I will still be moving when I'm older!
    6. Haha I actually meant your blog name, whoops! Taylor Swift lyrics. :) But I love Hannah!
    7. Thanks! My best friend always associates me with vanilla and butterflies, so I have developed an obsession with both. I'm off to read more of your blog now. :)

  2. edward speleers is sooooo hot i love him so much <3 ~josie AKA edward's girl!

  3. I wrote ugly people and I saw your picture, but your beautiful o_o


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