Monday, February 27, 2012

Yaya!! I tagged myself!!

Haha, this is kinda lame, but Orla, one of the people I tagged on "11 Odd, 11 Questions, 11 Answers"...  And I liked her questions, so I stealed them and I'm gonna answer them (:

{1} Describe yourself in 5 words.

Crazy. Dreamer. Artistic. Imaginative. Lovely. 

{2} Favourite colour combination?

peach and forest green (:

{3} What would be your favourite part of having a relationship?

Well, I am guessing this is referring to a good, healthy relationship. I think the best part is knowing there is someone in this planet who loves you and respects you and will be there for you no matter what. That you're not alone.

{4} Do you walk around home in your bare feet?

Definately!! I HATE socks!!!!! (:

{5} Biggest pet peeve?

Hearing people pop their joints ...

{6} Is there a phase you went through in your younger teen years that you now regret?

Yah!! The phase where I hated myself and thought everyone else did as well...

{7} What would you name a boy? And a girl?

Austin William or Tyler Danny... Taylor Anne or Savannah Starr or Butterfly Elisa or Ariana Selena :P

they almost look like they could be Austin, Butterfly, and

{8} What is your worst habit? 

Talking too loudly.. I have bad hearing and so sometimes I can't hear my own voice well and I talk super loud :\..

{9} Soup or salad?

Both!!! But if I had choice, I'd say soup (:

{10} Where are you right now while answering these questions? Describe your surroundings.

My living room. I'm sitting on a tan, rustic looking couch, to the right is my sister sitting on one of the two chocolate brown lazyboys, and then behind her is our dining table, and the kitchen.. To my left is a huge built-in bookcase that takes up the whole wall, with a tv in the center. My feet are resting on a coffee table that has many rustic red decorations (my mom is into rustic stuff).. Further forward than the coffee table is the front door, and to the right is the stairs to downstairs and futher over the door to the garage and laundry room. Then to the front and left is the doorway into our office.

sorry, they're terrible pictures, but I tried to take them with my webcam (photobooth)...

{11} What was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you/ done for you?

Someone once told me my hair looked like Taylor Swift's.. That was a lie, but seriously that was sweet!!!! 


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  1. Seriously love this post! :) I would have tagged you, but I thought you'd be sick of being tagged! I'm very glad you decided to answer the questions anyway though, I loved reading your answers. :) x


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