Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 2: A favorite movie

Hey you (;

Ok, so I know EVERYONE is gonna be rolling their eyes and saying, "Well that's easy. It's either a Narnia movie or it's an Anne movie."

Well, I was GONNA do one of those two, and then I realized that's not very enlightening. Everyone and their step brother's third ferret knows I love Narnia and Anne.

So I'm gonna choose another movie.

I would sooo kill for those eyes <3

It's sooo romantic and sweet!!!!

DUH it's romantic!! It's set in Italy, with Amanda Seyfried, the most romantic looking actress on the planet, the "prince charming" for Amanda's character (Sophie) is British, and the "prince charming" for Vanessa Redgrave (Claire - love that name) is Italian!!!! 

You MUST see it!!

It's not sickeningly sweet or lame either!! When I say "romantic" I don't mean the generic romance. It doesn't have love and all that, but the scenery and the clothes and the characters are romantic in themselves!! 

Just–just–go watch it. NOW!!!!!!!


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