Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 6: A moment I wish I could relive

Hm. I don't know exactly. I've had soo many great moments, but I don't know which one of them I'd like to relive.

I tend to like to go on with my life, not stay in the past, reliving :)...

But, if i could relive any memory, i would go back to two years ago when I still had Silver (my old, amazing horse) and I was at this horse show where I failed miserably and I hated myself... And I would tell myself that I was ok, and I was still a good rider and to stick my chin up, pull my legs BACK and sit up straight.... and I would tell Silver that I loved her, and I would tell her how much I miss her now, and I would tell her that she's amazing... And I would tell Megan (my trainer who's dead now) thank you for teaching me things no one else could or did and I would tell her that God loved her and could get her through her cancer and I would thank her for being there for me and I would tell her I forgave her for stealing my horse... And I would tell the little girl that rode Silver that she was the luckiest little girl in the whole wide world, and I would tell her she was pretty and smart and important. And then I would come back to myself now and kick my butt and tell myself to act like the strong, amazing person I know I am and stop being an idiot.

That wasn't written very well, but I needed to say all that. I wrote that while I was crying and hating myself. 

I would fix it so it sounds better, but I feel like that would hurt it somehow...

And now I'm signing off :)


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