Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 24: A book no one would expect you to love

{yay! I'm not as far behind..}

Ok, I must make a confession. This was supposed to be "A movie no one would expect you to love", but I had to change it to book, cuz I though of something great :)

I looooooooove Winnie the Pooh (the original book)!!!!!!!! It's amazing!!!

And not just cuz of nice memories of my childhood and all. No. I literally love this book as a book in itself!!

It's literary genius!!

The way he writes and depicts things is absolutely suberb!!! 

And now I probably made myself look like an idiot.

Oh well.

I still loooove Winne the Pooh!!! :D



  1. Oh this doesn't make you an idiot! Winnie the Pooh is AMAZING!

    Also, had you mentioned that your sister's birthday is today? Because if so:
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday hk's sister,
    happy birthday to you!

    plus that rocks that she's born on the leap day! That means she's special. Or magical. Whichever. ;)

    xoxo <3

  2. Ohhh I forgot to reply to this, but I promise I read it and showed it to Isa and she said it totally made her day and that you were super sweet (:


Thank you for adding music to my day! (: