Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 4: A favorite tv show

{again, it is not day 4, I'm just trying to catch up}

This one's easy!! 

The Secret Life of The American Teenager.

I love how this show is not just entertainment, but it has actually helped teens!

It's inspired a lot of kids to wait to have sex, and if they do have sex, to always use protection!!

It's about a young 15-year-old girl getting pregnant on accident, and her journey through high school, juggling boyfriends and besties and schoolwork, all while being a teen mom!!

It's quite good!! There's more to it than Amy (the pregnant girl), it also documents the stories of the baby's father and his friend with benefits, Amy's best friends, Amy's boyfriend, a Christian girl and her boyfriend struggling to stay pure, and the parents of all the kids, intertwining the stories beautifully!! 

It will make you laugh and cry and laugh again!!

And every teenager should see it!! At least in my opinion!


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