Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1: A favorite song

Ok so I found a 28 day challenge on Jocee's blog for February!! Get it, 28 days in February? Haha obvious. But ACTUALLY this year, there's 29!!! (my sister's birthday is February 29th!!! *crowds cheer*)

So the first day I will give you guys a favorite song. Which is like saying what my favorite part of air is... I seriously don't know. Music is like air to me, just as important and vital... But I love music a LOOOT more xP...

I guess I'll have to go with Long Live by Taylor Swift for 3 reasons: it's gorgeous, it inspires me, and I'm doing a rewrite of it right now (I wanna cover it on one of my albums)... 

I'll post a link to the rewrite once I'm done, if I ever will be xP...

Have a LOVELY day!!!!!!!


cuz who doesn't like staring a Narnia photo of Aslan and Edmund???

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