Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 15: A person you admire

{yada yada yada}

Taylor Swift.

Who else could I choose??

When no one else was there, Taylor Swift and her music were there for me (:

The way she makes people act nicer as soon as she walks in the room. The innocent way she giggles. The way she is so graceful and elegant. The way she never changes herself for anyone else. The way she is honest about embarassing things. The way she stands up for herself. The way she gapes whenever she wins an award. The way she stays fearless in love no matter how many mean boys break her heart. The way she never seems to care about herself, only others. The way she does everything with innocent charm. The way she looks at you out of the corner of her eye. The way she makes people smile and laugh every day. The way she instills hope in girls minds, shows them that life is worth living, and this too shall pass. The way she is always good to people. The way she names her cat, after Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy. The way she never considers herself above anyone else. The way she makes every individual in the room feel special. The way she picks herself up after a mistake or embarassment with much poise. The way she forgives others who have done her wrong. The way she is fearless.

I could go on and on...

I hope someday to be able to not only create magical music like she does, but be able to help people, and make this world a better place..


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