Friday, December 30, 2011

yayyyyy!!! rambling about nothing

wow. the year's almost over!! it's december 30, tomorrow will be new years eve. the world's gonna end next year! hah. we'll see..

i have been studying how to do a proper english accent. like anna popplewell's!! idk what exactly you would call the accent. i searched accents from london (she grew up in london) and there's sooo manyy! cockney, a ghetto type english, and others. idk what's anna's would be exactly, so i just call it "proper english". I thought maybe cockney, but cockney is like eliza's original accent from my fair lady.

that was boring, i'm sorry.

i may be able to go to england this spring!! eeee!!! the school i went to last year is going there on a mission trip. i'm uber excited! the only two things keeping me from doing that are money and permission. i have to raise enough money for a plane ticket and all that, so I'd need people to pledge money.. but the biggest problem would be getting permission to come along. the principal at my old school (it's a boarding highschool) doesn't like me at alllll... so that'll be hard to get permission.

wow this is a boringgg post. i'm sorry!! i'm just sososo excited xD..

we're watching tv and the guy just said, "all i knew to say were monosyllabic grunts." i looove words, and monosyllabic grunt is an awesomee word combo! xP

i'm going to post photos of bora bora island. it's gorgeous! it's like a tropical narnia. there's palm trees and all that, but the neon green grassy hills and all that look narnian! (:

here's the whole island

this doesn't very narnian i know, it's more tropical, but inland.....

getting closer inland

that looks pretty narnian, huh?

ok, so maybe it's not that narnian... but it is a little, and it's still gooorgeous! the funny thing is, in my grandparent's calendar where i first saw a pic of this island, it looked suuuper narnian, but i can't find the pic :\

ohhh wow.. this was a boringg post. so to make up for it, i'll post a bunchh of pix of places that remind me (truly) of narnia... so if you looove narnia as much as me and you're looking for a vacation spot, there ya go. the perfect blog post for you.

anywho, i'm signing off.


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  1. I've been practicing my british accent for a very long time now. And shut up? England? I myself am heading to Rome/Austria/Germany in May. And England's SOOOO on my list of places to go. And now so's Bora Bora. I mean seriously, how much more gorgeous can one place get (besides New Zealand, of course.) I love words too, my cousins often tell me I use way too many big ones. ;)
    luv your evil twin sista,
    Ellie <3


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