Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Taylor!! You are 22!! My lucky number TWICE!!! (for all those fellow morons out there, my lucky number is....*drum roll please*... 2.) 

I hope you had the bestest birthday EVA!!!!!

What did I do for your birthday, babe? Let's see... Went shopping, ate Chipotle, and went to voice lessons -_-... Would've celebrated, but I couldn't! :/.... My sis and I were excited though and wished you many "happy birthdays", even though you unfortunately can't hear us......

I just wanted to tell you, Taylor, that you have changed my life! You've fueled my dreams, inspired me, and pushed me to stay fearless... You've given me the desire to be a better person and to be classy! Like you! :)

Well, I hope you had a good day, sweetheart, and stay strong, stay Fearless, and stay BEAUTIFUL for me, k gurl?? 



  __         __
/   _   \     /  _     \
\   \  \    v  /  /   /
  \   \   \   /   /  /
  /    / \  v  / \    \
 /    /     v     \    \
sorry this isn't very good... But it did take me a lot of work!!!! o_o

To celebrate beautiful Taylor Swift, I have done this whole post in purple, her second fave color, cuz white (her first fave color) doesn't show up -_-... And also I'm gonna post a bunchh of beautiful pix of her!! ENJOY!! muahh<3 

This could take a while to load ;)

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