Tuesday, December 27, 2011

list of random thoughts at 1am

i soo should be asleep right now, but i can't go to sleep. so here's a list of my thoughts.

  1. i wanna go to the island in the picture in my calandar for my month (It looks like NARNIA!!! xD)
  2. Skandie's cute (for all who don't know this, Skandie is Skandar Keynes)
  3. Ben Barnes creeps me out. Don't kill me please, he just does! I don't know why. I think he's gorgeous and has the mooost amazingg smile, and his accent on PC makes me melt (but not as much as Will's) but he creeps me out.
  4. I need to get a bucket. and then fill it with slips of paper that have wishes on them (like Jocee's dream jar). It's a BUCKET LIST!!!
  5. i wish i could sleep.
  6. i need to read Jocee's book Dehlia. Like right now. I can't stand not reading it!!
  7. I should make a 15 before 15 list. yes, i also got this from Jocee's blog. Ok, ok, I have been reading it!!
  8. i wanna write Jocee's book Dehlia for myself.
  9. i have a feeling Dehila is Raven, even though all the signs point to her being Evelyn. I'm weird.
  10. IT'S 1AM.
  11. my shoulder hurts.
  12. i watched the best movie eva!! It's called August Rush. WATCH IT. NOW.
  13. i think ima stop at 13. ohh wait, i can't. it's unlucky. but it's also Taylor's lucky number.
  14. nahh ima continue, not cuz 13's unlucky, but cuz i'm still not tired.
  15. i really needa get that bucket.
  16. ok, i'm really done now.

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  1. I don't blame you, jocee rocks ;) and yes I need to watch August rush. And Ben creeps me out as well. Why, Ben, why must you butcher my fourteen year old humble + blond caspian? And 13s my lucky number (on a completely unrelated thought, go t swizzle;)
    Is it creepy to comment on every post cause I love them all?


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