Friday, December 30, 2011

dear boys #1

yes, i know i promised another post, but i'll get to that, don't worry... here's a dear boys post which i got from the lovely Ellie.

i think i'm supposed to post this. correct me if i'm wrong.

dear cece,
you're seriously hot AND sweet. why do you have to be my cousin? oh well. kiss ur gf for me.
full of family love (;,
your cuz

dear my ex,
treat girls well. we're fragile! our hearts aren't toys to throw around.
i still love you, but now as a friend,
remember me, that girl you dated a while back?

dear wizzle,
why oh why do you have to not know me? that's like seriously sucks. of all the girls throwing rocks at your window, i am the one still standing there even when it's cold. i will love you forever. i hope you don't think i'm creepy.
all my love,
the invisible girl you don't know

dear giraffe,
why are you such a jerk?
the freak you hate

dear skandie,
you're cute. how can you be in narnia and be an atheist? shame on you. i hope someday you see who aslan IS.
love ur accent,
your fan

dear mall dude,
wow. why do you make my heart jump every time i think about you? like leap? i've never even met you. i don't know a thing about you. what's up with that? you're not even THAT hot. stop messing with my emotions (ok, maybe i didn't exactly mean "stop").
feeling crazy but happy,
the chick you probably don't even remember

dear you,
you're amazing. i hope someday you see it. keep your chin up!
you're special,
the girl you work with

dear channie,
you're HOT. like HOT.


  1. yup you put the button on, and then put a link to your dear boys post over here so Elise can read it. It's quite fun. I love yours. I wrote one to my cousin too!
    lets hear it for guy cousins your age!
    your evil twin sista,
    ellie <3

  2. YESSS! I'm so glad you did a dear boys post. :) So fun. I'll ad your link to the list. And yes, that's exactly what you do with the button.


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