Monday, December 12, 2011

hi...i'm me!

well, this is my...hmm lemme count.... fourth blog now, i believe... i will post links to my old blogs at the bottom. meanwhile, i will disinterest you with a sketch of who i am...

i am a fourteen year old girl with a big imagination.
i believe santa claus, prince charming, magic, and happily-ever-after.
i love vintage things (especially clothes) and leaving my hair down.
i grew up in kansas; i'm a small town gurl.
i prefer to spell the word girl: g-u-r-l.
i like typewriter font and drinking starbucks.
i am really a high queen of narnia, i just accidentaly stumbled back through a magical wardrobe into your boring world.
i love high heels; i don't care if they hurt.
i am loyal to my friends and enemies alike, and i am very honest.
i adore semicolons.
if i compliment you, i mean it; likewise if i criticize you, i mean it.
i answer to mrs. peter pevensie.
anne shirley-blythe and i are super close, we've been bosom friends since we were both 11, and we are growing up together.
i love the classics, from pollyanna and pride and predjudice, to the sound of music and chronicles of narnia (ohh and i musn't forget anne of green gables).
i have a passion for words, especially long, old fashioned, and rarely used ones.
i have a bitter hatred for onions, and an overwhelming love for brownies.
i listen to country music (and i'm proud of it)
i adore my beautiful horsie - addie, and my future prince - william moseley (also known as peter pevensie)
i do not like music, no, i don't even love music. i LIVE music.
i rarely use socks.
i heart taylor swift.
i love irrelevant things, such as jerusalem.
my friends and i have an enormous collection of inside jokes.
my dream is to become a singer.
i am a christian, if you have a problem with that, leave RIGHT NOW. GO.
i am very complicated.
there are many different persons who make up who i call me. pardon me if i confuse you. i confuse myself.
i love the '50s and early '60s.
i also love the victorian age.
Aslan is the One who showed me who to know Jesus. for Aslan is Jesus, just in a different world.
i tend to run a bit on the strange side. warning: i may scare you.
i have the potential to be dangerous, especially if you hurt one of my friends.
i love macs and all things apple.
one of my hobbies is doing unexpected things and sometimes creeping people out.
i am working on overcoming anorexia. even though this is a sensitive subject, and may offend some people and i will still stubbornly talk about it. if you are struggling with anorexia as well, don't be afraid to talk to me. i'm here for you.
my all-time favorite songs are skyscraper by demi lovato, long live by taylor swift, and by your side by tenth avenue north.
i won't judge anyone. i promise.
i am a swiftie, lovatic, william moseley fan (we need to make a name for ourselves), selenator, little black star, tweetheart, channing tatum fan, amanda seyfried fan, a friend of narnia, and an anne fanne.
i want people to remember me as: christ-like, classy, kind, friendly, and loving.
i am veryy affectionate, i will give hugs and kisses freely.
i love contemporary interior design.
i think handshakes should be banned, this world needs more hugs.

i am a songwriter.
i am a photographer.
i am a clutz.
i am a fashionista.
i am a friend.
i am a tomboy.
i am a writer.
i am opinionated.
i am a princess.
i am your biggest fan.

i love friends and smiles, magic and song lyrics, sparkles and arguments, chocolate and movies, blue jeans and big ford pickups, mud puddles and books, ice-skating and boating, the eiffel tower and the beach, bikinis and sunglasses, vans and boots, lace and raindrops, roses and meadows, skinney jeans and eyeliner, postscripts and europe, puppies and snakes, demi lovato and english riding, lime green and smooth surfaces, biting apples halfway and postcards, guitars and the smell of burning leaves, retro dresses and dancing, redheads and pictures (everywhere!), beauty and the beast and stickers, happy endings and YOU!!!

i am me, and you can't do anything about it, so get over it.

other blogs:
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