Wednesday, December 14, 2011

of weddings and such

That's a weird title.
I am planning my wedding! Idk why, I just felt like it today... I want it to be a mixture of Irish (I'm Irish), medieval, and greco-roman culture, with a Narnian spin ;)..
this kinda bottom

 these sleeves, but without the lace underneath
 Either the front of the bodice on this dress

or the design on the  front of this dress, with the drapes hanging down and the sash, but the sash is emerald green

For bridesmaid dresses, just something simple and emerald green, and the flower girl's dress would be ivory... or maybe emerald green

My hair something like this....

with a GORGEOUS Narnian-like crown!! (this is like Lucy's crown)

Decor is all Irish and medieval (and Narnia-ish, of course)...

I want a spot that looks like Narnia!!! (like Ireland, but it's too far away *tear*) Maybe somewhere in North Carolina, or even at The Narnia Estates in IL....

Idk what the groom should wear though!!! I'm thinking maybe something knight-ish, but will that be trying too hard?? A tux wouldn't go with all the other medieval things, I don't think...

Who's the prince??? William Moseley/Peter Pevensie of course!!! :D


xoxoxo muahhh<3

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  1. DUDE. i want those sleeves too! and that design! i drew out my dress a few years ago and it looks EXACTLY like that. i think we're subconsciously planning our weddings together.
    -jocee <3


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