Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my bucket list

ok. so i said in my weird post last night (well, technically this morning - 1am!) that i was gonna get a bucket and fill it with slips of paper that have some of my goals, wishes, dreams, etc. Like Jocee's dream jar. so, here's a short version of my bucket list, in no particular order.

  • go sky-diving
  • go to London
  • go to Ireland
  • go to Italy and France
  • go to Bora Bora Island, Society Islands, French Polynesia (that island i was talking about last night that looks like Narnia!)
  • Hug the Narnia cast
  • Win a blue ribbon in a A-rated horse show
  • Win a guiness world record
  • Eat a whole extra large pizza by myself
  • Act in a Narnia movie (I'd love to be either Jill or Aravis)
  • Have a book on the New York Bestseller's list
  • Play a practical joke on Roy (one of my friends) he'll never forget
  • Go on a shopping spree with my homegirls where money doesn't matter
  • go to Prince Edward Island
  • Find the bones of Amelia Earhart
  • Make a million dollars
  • Go in a submarine
  • Solve a mystery
  • Become an archeologist
  • Win the lottery
  • Go to Hawaii and Egypt (so i like to travel)
  • Invent something useful
  • Join the FBI
  • Go to the Adventures in Odyssey headquarters and go to Whit's End and get a WodFamChocSod
  • Get married
  • Produce a platinum selling album
  • Go into space
  • Tell a taxi-driver "follow that car!!"
  • Run a marathon
  • Go to a spa and get a massage, facial, etc the works, then get a makeover
  • Go on a date with Will Moseley *swoon*
  • Have $20,000 in cash in my pocket
  • Meet Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, Ariana Grande, Channing Tatum, and Amanda Seyfried
  • Give someone my autograph
  • Defeat communism and find a cure for cancer
  • Run into an open door
  • Hug Taylor Swift
  • Tour Europe
  • Ride on the top of a double-decker bus
  • Go to heaven
this is Bora Bora Island

I wanna thank Ellie for being an awesome follower and commenting!! it makes my day everytime someone comments!! I looove comments!! 

And thank you to my 2 followers! You guys rock! xD

I hope ya'll have a greeeeeeeeaaat day!! muahh<3xo


  1. Ok so as I read this post, I seriously began wondering if your my twin... We are ridiculously alike. And then I died, and freaked out, cause my favorite blogger talked about me. Like literally I was jumping up and down! You're so totally welcome, and thank you for posting and blogging the way you do!!!
    Luv your evil twin sista,
    Ellie <3

  2. <3 you're welcooomeeee! And OMG I want to go on a date with William Moseley toooo!!! Haha I liked the "go to heaven" part ;)

  3. @ellie - Haha that's soo cool!! I don't know anyone. else that's like me like that! I guess everyone has a twin! Nice to know mines evil (; I can pretty evil myself... I hope we get to meet someday too! (;.... I love ur name btw..

    @thatsouthafricangirl - I didn't know there were so many Willianites! All my friends like ben barnes >_< bens gorgeous, ill admit, but he's no will/peter (;

  4. Hah! I decided I was officially your twin when I read the Ariana part. I luv her! And thanks, I luv your name too! And I'm stubbornly refusing to call you guys anything besides the mrs moseleys;)
    Your evil twin sista!
    Ellie <3


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