Friday, December 30, 2011

ok. now i'm doing that post i promised.

pix of narnian-looking places! yay!

ireland. i'm irish! yaya!

ireland. and the rest will be ireland until i say otherwise (;

gooooorgeous!!! xD

now this is New Zealand, ditto above (about the rest being the same blah blah blah)

no this isn't the entrance from our world in PC, but it sure looks like it!! (:

although, i don't think there were snow-capped mountains.

not sure what this is, but it's on c. s. lewis' property, and inspired narnia xD... 
btw, when asked where on this world looks the most like narnia, he said ireland (:

idk exactly where this is, but I think it's either wales or england

idk where this is.... but this is how i imagine Lantern Waste during the 100 years winter

Latern Waste during summer..... idk where this is

oooo i really wish i knew where this is

england countryside.. the rest will be england

yorkshire, england

ok, that's enough for now, if i post more, people with dialup won't be able to open it! xP



  1. These pictures are seriously amazing!!! I want to go to each of those places and just imagine Narnia coming to life around me :)

  2. Ok, how bout me, you and Thatsouthafricangirl go there together someday ;) cause I seriously need to. And then we can stop at bora bora on our way home<3
    Evil twin sista ellie

  3. Haha thanks! We toootally should!!.... I'm planning on moving to london when I gradulate from highschool...


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