Friday, December 16, 2011

just little things {1-25}

I got this idea from Jocee's blog... It's 25 little things I adore <3.... If you decide to do this, write to me and let me know the url!!! :)

  1. That jump your heart makes when you hear your favorite song
  2. The moment you realize you love someone
  3. When you look across a room and notice the person you like is looking at you
  4. Hearing a baby laugh
  5. The triumph of giving a great comeback in a mock fight that shuts the other person up
  6. The first sip or bite of your favorite food or drink
  7. Catching snow on your tongue
  8. Screaming as loud as you can
  9. When you first wake up and remember it's your birthday or Christmas or some special day
  10. When you get home and lay on your bed after a long trip of sleeping on hard beds
  11. When you hear someone tell someone else something you told them (wow that was confusing)
  12. Looking in the mirror and liking what you see (for some people this happens all the time, not me)
  13. Cuddling under covers and watching your favorite movie while hearing rain on the roof and thunder overhead
  14. When your horse whickers at you for the first time (in horsey language, that means "I love you")
  15. When you're singing as loud as you can and you hit that hard note perfectly or you harmonize beautifully
  16. That moment when you realize you've finished a project you've worked forever on
  17. When a little kid climbs up on your lap and wraps their chubby arms around your neck and whipers in your ear, "I yuv you!"
  18. When someone random tells you you're beautiful
  19. When someone tells you they look up to you
  20. Making up after a fight
  21. Wearing cute shoes
  22. That moment after you've laughed as hard as you can, you're gasping for breath, the blood is rushing to your head and you look at your best friend and grin
  23. When you think about something or someone you adore and your heart jumps
  24. When you see someone you love with all your heart after it's been a while and you've missed them and you jump into their arms and they hold you tight!
  25. That moment you realize your life is great

Something else I love ;)<3 (yes, I know, I'm suchhh a fangirl)


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