Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 28: Your hopes, dreams, and plans for the nest 365 days

{still behind, but almost over!!}


I hope to stay close with my friends here in Cali (I'm moving to Georgia).

I hope to stay happy no matter what happens.

I hope to be sunshine in others lives.

I hope to perfect my RP accent.

I hope SB goes to college in Georgia. Cuz that would be just epic.

I hope to finish Spanish 2.


I dream of becoming a singer.

I dream of living close to my best friends and seeing them everyday.

I dream of perfecting guitar.

I dream of finishing my album this year.

I dream of knowing Italian and French.


I plan to gain weight. A lot.

I plan to finish Sophomore year.

I plan to make new friends.

I plan to write more music.

I plan to be happy.

We'll see what happens.


1 comment:

  1. You have some great hopes, dreams and plans! :) I hope all of them work out for you, and I'm sure they will! Good luck with the move :)


Thank you for adding music to my day! (: